“I really enjoyed working with Jennifer. The weekly calls were a welcomed new perspective and a space to feel heard in so many different areas that I needed guidance on. Those calls were so valuable that even when I felt I didn’t have much to discuss, some gold nuggets of wisdom would come out of seemingly nowhere and I left each call feeling incredibly grateful, uplifted, inspired, motivated, and ultimately FULL.

My biggest challenge was feeling spiritually disconnected and needing guidance and direction on what to do in many different areas of my life. By the end of our time together I definitely felt more connected than I had been in many months, possibly even years. I was meditating and journaling regularly, which brought forth epiphanies as if they were a normal, everyday occurrences. I finally started to feel more confident and secure in my direction.

One of the other major benefits to working with Jennifer was that not only could I come to her with spiritual and life topics, but also food and body issues. It was very empowering to be able to get new and fresh perspectives on how to forgive myself and change my ways when it came to my thoughts, feelings and beliefs around my body, food, and self care.”

Alexis Myers | http://www.alexistmyers.com

“As a result of working with Jennifer, I have experienced more miraculous shifts than I have ever thought possible. Jennifer identified exactly where I had been holding myself back, and integrated the teachings of a Course in a Miracles in a way that showed me how much more miraculous life my life meant to be. I literally do not know where I would be without her coaching…thank you Jennifer you are basically like my Holy Spirit in human form”

Jenny Giblin | http://www.jennygiblin.com