My mission is to help women who have in some form or another had negative experiences towards their bodies, weight, food, and exercise, and help them to undo the blocks and limiting beliefs that keep them from living their healthiest, most vibrant lives, because they deserve it. You are not meant to suffer, you are meant to thrive.

My work comes from my own personal experience dealing with emotional & binge eating, yo-yo dieting, hating my body & exercise, & not taking care of myself for years.

As my business grows, I will continue to add more coaching packages, so watch this space!


Body Image Mini Coaching Package

In my 4 week mini coaching program, we will work together to help you to:

  • get real & honest with yourself & shift your perception around your body
  • release shame, guilt, and limiting beliefs
  • learn to recognize the voice of fear (false evidence appearing real) & call in the voice of love to help you on your path
  • forgive yourself, honor your self-worth, and discover the truth of who you really are
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Free Yourself From Body Prison Full Coaching Package

This is a revolutionary coaching program for any woman who has dealt with binge eating, emotional eating, body dysmorphia, orthorexia, endless dieting, body image “issues,” and yo-yo weight struggles (because I’ve dealt with EVERY single one of these & wish I’d had someone like me to help me navigate them when I was struggling the most).

This coaching program runs for 6 months, and is for ANYONE who is ready to surrender the struggle and wants to become empowered to live their healthiest life.

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Individual One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions can be purchased in advance if you want to experience a breakthrough around food, your relationship with your body, or exercise, but don’t require the full commitment of a package.

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