“I am not a body. I am free. I hear the Voice that God has given me, and it is only this my mind obeys.” – A Course in Miracles

The truth of who you really are is so much more than a body. Yet while we are on this Earth, the body serves as a learning device to remember the truth of who we really are.

body image 2

I’m not saying to not exercise or eat healthy, or take care of yourself. Absolutely do that. But in this body crazed world, I think it’s time we recognized that our self-worth is not determined by what we look like, and that we are FAR more magnificent than we give ourselves credit for.

I know, because I’ve struggled with this concept nearly my entire life. My whole life I have felt that I am not “good enough” because of the way my stomach looks & I’m calling out the bullshit story, to myself and to you too.

The media bombards us with images of women who look a certain way & I always thought that I wasn’t worthy because of it, and because I’ve been “fat” since I was 6. Sure, sometimes I wish my stomach were more toned or a little flatter, but I’m not willing to spend half my time at the gym to have to look a certain way, or meticulously planning every bite of food that I eat. I want to enjoy my life and have fun, and I’m sure you do too.

me healthy is the new skinny

I go to spin class because I love it and want to be the healthiest, strongest version of myself, not to get a 6-pick of abs. Want the abs? Go for it. They are just not for me and I’m embracing my curvy body. I eat healthy because I have PCOS and chronic pain. But I am not going to sit there and obsess because I ate a cupcake (and trust me, I have gone through bingeing episodes and DO know what it’s like to feel guilty over eating something like that. Or to sabotage myself).

And I am here to guide you and show you that there IS a better way. That you can shift the perception around your body and how you eat. That there is hope. To begin to learn to love yourself no matter what you look like.

I want to teach girls that they are more than worthy no matter what they look like, because there is nothing “wrong” with what they look like, flat stomachs or whatever else the nasty voice in your voice tells you that you need to have in order to be deemed worthy enough, or not. You are perfect, whole, complete, & amazing just as you are.

In my 4 week mini coaching program, we will work together to help you to:

  • get real & honest with yourself & shift your perception around your body
  • release shame, guilt, and limiting beliefs
  • learn to recognize the voice of fear (false evidence appearing real) & call in the voice of love to help you on your path
  • forgive yourself, honor your self-worth, and discover the truth of who you really are

These are all tools that I’ve applied in my own life to help heal my own perception of my self. Do I have the “perfect” body according to society? No, but I embrace every inch of myself as I am, and live by the motto “Healthy is the New Skinny.”

Each of my coaching sessions are 1 hour long. We will work together to bust through the blocks that are holding you back.

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